Strive hard while the iron is hot.

Hello! My name is Angelu M. Cuaton, Here in GLATS, they call me teacher AC. I took up Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in Biological Science. I had an ESL teaching experience for three months dealing with kids, teenager and adults and I treasured every single day with them. I am fond of reading books. I love medical books and romance books too. I love playing volleyball or badminton with my friends. I'm teaching English to ESL students because I wanted my students to be inspired too. I want them to know that learning the English language can be fun and interactive. English is important, just like what one of my students said, "English is a global language." You can use the language in interacting with foreign people, learning their culture, dealing with foreign business associates and more. See you online!

Southern Leyte State University - Hinunangan Campus
Traveling by motorcycle, listening to music, and drawing
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