"Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground."

Hello, my name is Adrian Christian Libi. You may call me Teacher Adrian. I am a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Biology. I am a friendly, compassionate, kind and understanding teacher and I wouldn't have been this person if it weren't for my friends and family who support me every day. Learning a new language isn't easy so I am very patient and would always guide my students in their pace. It is a fact that a good and proper atmosphere for a student to learn is just as important as the skills of the teacher alone and I can guarantee that that atmosphere would be served at your satisfaction. English has always been my main language here in the Philippines and I have been speaking the language ever since I was a kid. The fact that I grew up here in the Philippines, I still believe that English is so important to learn that it is considered the universal language due to the large number of people capable of speaking it. One of my hopes in life is that the people in this planet could communicate and embrace each other despite of their beliefs, religion or racial standings to forward the advancements of the human species as a whole. I can't achieve that dream just by hoping it would happen someday, I must do my part and lift my own weights if I ever want to achieve that dream. Let me start by teaching English those learners who are eager to learn. Teaching is a two way process so, let’s help each other in discovering and learning new things. Come and enroll in my class! Let’s have fun together in studying the English language and let’s make a positive difference in the world someday! See you online!

Velez College
Chess, swimming, reading books, listening to music, watching movies and series
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