Life is only once, but if you live right, once is enough.

Hello! My name is Irine C. Molar but you can call me Teacher Ai-Ai. I love eating Japanese Ramen and Korean foods. My hobbies are singing, fishing, reading books, writing poems, doing family history research and chatting with my friends. I love to teach because I really like interacting with other people. For me, teaching is like an adventure because I am able to meet new people and experience new things. I've been teaching since I was ten years old. I used to teach my sibling's homework. And now, I'm teaching students at church on Sundays. I love English since Elementary days so I studied Bachelor of Science Major in English . My previous job was teaching international students in an International School. I had been teaching various students with different levels like Japanese, Koreans, Taiwanese, Vietnamese, Chinese, and Mongolians. I am friendly, patient, flexible, determined and caring teacher. I will be a great help to improve your skills in speaking the English language. I can guarantee to make our class as lively as possible. Hope to see you in my class!

Mandaue City College
Singing , fishing, reading books and writing poems
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