"Life is what we make it."

Hello! My name is Angelie Quingco. You can call me Teacher Angie. I took up Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Home Economics Technology. Before I pursue my studies in college, I was once a production worker. But because I really want to be a teacher, I strive hard and continue my studies for me to satisfy my heart's desire. I love reading Inspirational books especially those books from Blue Mountain Arts. My favorite quotes are "Nothing beats hard work" and "Life is what we make it". Truly, we are a product of our own choice and the captain of our ship. These statements lead me to where I am now, of being a teacher. Teaching is not an easy task to do. As a teacher, we need patience in facing diverse students. We need to suit the teaching styles that we use for the learning styles of our learners. In spite of all these, I still want to be a teacher. A teacher who can make every learner thinks that learning English is not a hard thing to do. English is very important. We can use it wherever we go. Do you want to learn English? Come and book my class. Let's make it in a fun and interactive way. See you.

Cebu Technological University Carmen Campus
Reading inspirational books
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