"To teach is to touch lives forever."

Hello, my name is Richard V. Igot. You can call me Teacher AR. I took up Bachelor of Science in Commerce Major in Human Resource Development Management. I started working as a fast food crew when I was 18. Luckily, I was able to land a good paying job and became a scholar in a BPO company. The company I worked supported me until I finished my course. I was promoted as an operations supervisor and handled different kinds of people with different values and attitudes. Being a leader is a gift because you'll get the chance to see and encounter different situations and different problems. When I was in the BPO Industry, we did a lot of charity works wherein we teach out of school youth who lost interest in finishing their studies. I was able to teach kids, teenagers and older people. I taught Math, Science, and English. I was a consultant teacher for 2 years at a night high school here in Cebu, Philippines. I am well equipped with experience enough to mold student. My passion for teaching has always been stipulated in me.

You should book in my class because I am good at handling different kinds of people. I believe that if a learner learns from the heart, no genius can destroy the knowledge and learnings being imparted.

University of San Jose- Recoletos
Singing and reading
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