"There is always a room at the top."

Hello! Good day! My name is Ma. Jessica B. Satumcacal. Here in Glats, they call me teacher Aria. I took up Bachelor of Arts in English Major in Applied Linguistics. I love to dance, travel, watch horror movies, make art crafts, cook food and do the letter cutting. I am friendly, approachable and cheerful. During my leisure time, I love to read books about life and to teach reading English with my little cousins. I also love to go to the seaside and feel the cool breeze while reading a book. Imparting knowledge and interacting with people is what motivates me that is why I love interacting with other nationalities. English language learning is quite challenging and at the same time fun. While you are teaching, you are also learning. That is why teaching becomes my passion. So what are you waiting for? Book a class with me now. I would be pleased to have you in my class. See you then!

Cebu Technological University Argao Campus
Dancing, traveling, watching horror movies, making art crafts, cooking and letter cutting.
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