"Explore. Dream. Discover"

"Hi! I'm Karen Joyce Booc. You can call me AYEN. I'm a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management. I also had a diploma in Australian Hospitality Management. I've been teaching English for almost two years now and counting. I'm experienced in teaching English to kids, teenagers, and adults. I love traveling. Travelling makes me very happy because I get to know other countries cultures and a chance to talk to foreign people.

I started loving English when I also started traveling. Before, I didn't like English because I find it stressful learning grammar at school. But then, the first time I traveled to another country, I realized that English is both helpful and important. It is important because it is the global language and helpful because we can communicate with other nationalities through speaking English.

I'm teaching English to my students because I want them to be inspired too. Learning English is really fun. You can use the language in interacting with foreign people, learning their culture and etc.

So, what are you waiting for? Come, and enroll "

University of Cebu - Banilad
Traveling, cooking, listening to music, watching movies.
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