"Live life to the fullest and focus on the positive."

Hello! My name is Kaye Beatrice R. Pleños. You may call me teacher Beatrice. I took up Bachelor of Elementary Education major in Special Education.

I'm an adventurous person, I like to discover new things and learn from it. I'm fond of watching movies and listening to music. I love to spend my time with my family as much as I can because they are my life and my support system, I do everything for them. I also love to hang out with my friends and make more memories together. I like to sing and dance. I like to do outdoor activities such as hiking and camping.

Aristotle once says, “Those who know, do. Those that understand, teach.” This quote reminds me of how powerful teaching can be, it is mixed with passion and willingness to facilitate, serve and impart knowledge to others. I love to teach English to ESL students because I want them to be more confident and express their thoughts and ideas in such things. I will do my best as an ESL teacher to have a harmonious relationship and make the lesson interesting and fun.

Come and book my class, I'm very patient in teaching and a good listener too. Let's learn the English language, I assure you that there will be a positive learning outcome. You will be in good hands with me, See you online!

University of Cebu- Main Campus
Travelling and discovering new things and places.
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