"Those who know, do. Those who understand, teach."

Hello, I'm Teacher Beyonce. Ever since I was a child, teaching has always been something familiar to me, like it's in my DNA already. My mother is an English teacher and I am her number 1 fan. I look up to her always and I aspire to be as inspiring and as great as her. Teaching has always been my favorite kind of play and the classroom is our stage where everybody gets their own spotlight to shine. teaching is definitely like hitting so many birds in one stone. It is where you're a teacher and a learner at the same time. As an English teacher, reading is one of my favorite parts together with speaking. I like exploring the most imaginative world of the greatest influencers in literature and I also like engaging my self to the beauty of sharing and learning ideas from other people. I believe the most effective way of teaching is when teacher and student learn together, step by step, one by one. Learning is a journey you do as one. There is no difficult subject, just million ways on how to learn them and in my class we will learn in the easiest and simplest way. So I hope I'll get to meet you in my class. Together, let's make learning memorable and fun!

Cebu Normal University
Reading, public speaking and teaching kids.
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