"In everything you do, do it with love and determination."

Hello, my name is Camille Mae L. Diaz. You can call me Camille. I graduated from the University of Cebu- Main campus with the degree of Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Mathematics. I have experience teaching high school students in a university during my practice teaching. I am also a volunteer teacher at our church, I teach children ages four to seven years old and I teach them about the bible. I like writing poems, compositions and also listening to music. I listen to Christian music and sometimes pop music. During my free time, when I have my pen and notebook with me, I write some poems and make some doodle or do calligraphy. I started loving English when I was in college. Our teacher encouraged us to speak English even having some small conversation with our friends. Indeed, it was effective because it helped me boost my confidence speaking the language. English is really important because it is a global language and it is very useful.

You should book in my class because I am energetic and approachable. I always make sure that my student will enjoy and at the same time will learn in my class.

University of Cebu- Main Campus
Writing poems and compositions, listening to music
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