Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.

Hello! My name is Cessna Marie Beran. Here in Glats, they call me teacher Cess. I took up Bachelor of Elementary Education major in General Content. I had an ESL experience and dealt with young kids and junior students. I used to work in a BPO, I assisted customers' concern regarding the items that they purchased through online. During my spare time, I like to read some books specifically horror books and I also do sketches. My love for teaching English goes well beyond that. Teaching has always been my passion from the very first start. I start to build trust with my students. I believe students should first trust their teacher in order to have a healthy learning atmosphere. Getting students to speak up, follow the rules, and participate in class involves building up trust with them. You should book in my class because I am a friendly and understanding. I make my class fun but at the same time you can learn a lot of things about the English language and I also respect my students' ideas. Come and enroll in my class, let's learn together and have fun in learning the English language. See you online!

Talisay City College
Sketching, listening to music and reading books
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