Life is liking riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.

Hello! My name is Charisse Ann Arriesgado. Here in Glats , they call me teacher Charie. I took up Bachelor of Elementary Education major in Content Education. I am also a licensed teacher. Despite that, I love teaching and it motivates me to pursue my career and teach students so I can share my knowledge with different kinds of people. I like watching American, Korean, Japanese etc. kinds of movies. They help me learn about the different cultures and different people in the world. Teaching is fun and to be able to learn a lot is a great achievement. You will love English because you can use it especially if you love traveling, you can communicate with and understand people. You should book in my class because I am friendly and cheerful. I respect my student's point of views and ideas. I give importance to each of them because we are all human so we should understand each other. In this way, we will have a great and fun time.

Cebu Technological University
Listening to music, watching movies and writing.
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