"Life is about teaching and learning. You share what you know and learn what you need to know. "

Hi! My name is Cherry Mae Batomalaque, they call me "Teacher Charm" here in Glats. I graduated with the degree of Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology and earned few units of Education subjects. During my free time, I prefer to spend my time with my family. I enjoy baking, watching movies and doing outdoor activities. I started my teaching career immediately after I graduated from college. I began to love teaching, and I have even decided to enroll myself to learn teaching theories, strategies and techniques. I've taught English both offline and online classes for almost 6 years. I have taught students from beginner to advance. I enjoy teaching young learners because they are very cute and active. I really love kids. In fact, I was once a Sunday school teacher and also I became a Montessori teacher for Pre-school students for two years. Kids are my "happy pills". On the other hand, I have also different satisfaction when it comes to teaching adult learners. I have taught students from high school to university, office workers to businessmen and even those were on their senior age (until 71 years old). I enjoy teaching daily life conversation, Business English and Travel vocabulary lessons. I love learning new ideas, insights and hearing different experiences as I guide students to hone their English skills. I believe, life is about teaching and learning. You share what you know and learn what you need to know. I would really love to hear from you. I want to help and guide you to improve your English skills. I hope to see you in my lessons. See you online!

Colegio de San Agustin- Bacolod
Baking, watching English movies, doing outdoor activity (road trip, sightseeing, camping, trekking)
子供が得意 大人が得意 初心者が得意 上級者が得意