If you think you can, then you can.

Hello there! Im Cherymie Kinatac-an. Please call me Teacher Cherry. I graduated with the degree of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology major in Management Information System. Actually, I had two choices as to what course to take - Education or IT. I chose IT course because that's what my parents wanted.

I'm fond of listening to music and watching Korean dramas. I like to know other people’s culture. I am also practicing on how to play the guitar. In my free time, I always make sure to spend time with kids, family, and friends. I certainly love going out with them and watch beautiful places Cebu has to offer.

I worked as an office staff and as a graphic artist in one of the companies here in Cebu. After some time, I realized that there’s something I love to do. I realized I love to teach. I really love teaching so I applied as a teacher. I taught kids, adults, and university students before.

I have always wanted to impart my knowledge to others, in that way I can provide them the opportunity to improve their learning and achieve their dreams. Teaching is a self-rewarding experience because I can also learn from my students.

For me, English is important to us because it is being used in different parts of the world. It is useful in communicating with other people in the world. It’s my goal to help students learn English in a more comfortable way. I would really love to see you and let’s enjoy studying the English language together.

Northwestern Mindanao State College of Science and Technology
Listening music and watching Korean dramas
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