"Perfection is being not doing; it is not to effect an act but to achieve a character."

Hello! My name is Christof. I'm a graduate of two courses with a degree in Liberal Arts and Commerce major in Communication and Marketing at University of San Jose Recoletos. Way back then, I was a public speaker and a public servant for students who are in need. I used to handle seminars and a speaker at the same time. I'm a proud working student before I graduated. I was once an English Part-time and I worked at a fast-food chain as a Crew Supervisor and a Marketing Officer for 6 long years. I have been working in different BPOs and at a 5-Star resort in Cebu as a Marketing Specialist and a Reservation Officer.

I like to play volleyball, drink with friends and cooking. I love traveling, trekking, swimming and singing. Also, I'm a God fearing individual. Come and enroll in my class, let's study together with fun!

University of San Jose Recoletos
Playing volleyball, eating, singing and travelling
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