"Everyday is a great Miracle"

I'm Crestine Jemenez Garcia. You can call me Teacher Crest.

I finished the degree of Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Computer Education. I took up this major because we are now in new generation and there is a wide range of career opportunities. It is highly in demand in different fields.

My previous job experience was as an offline ESL teacher. It served as a training ground for me because I learned a lot from it and without question, it really helped me grow professionally.

There are so many things I like to do, to see and to experience. I like to read, I like to write, I like to think, I like to dream. I like delicious food and comfortable shoes; I like good books and romantic movies. And, I like to laugh like there's no tomorrow.

I usually read stories during my free time, sometimes I watch K-drama movies.

I love teaching English to ESL students because I want them to learn, I want them to realize that learning is fun, though others may find it confusing but it's fun. I have chosen this career because it's my passion and I want to help in my own way.

English is very important because it's one way of communicating. Since English is the universal language, it means that wherever we go we can communicate with other people through English.

You should enroll in my class if you want to have a fun and an exciting English class. I want to motivate students and help students practice higher critical thinking skills, and to create a meaningful learning experience.

I am a teacher who is passionate about work, cares about my student's needs, inspires students to do their best, believes that every student is unique, and engages students in enjoyable learning process.

MLG College of Learning
Listening to music, watching Korean dramas and reading stories on wattpad
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