You'll never know if you will never try.

Hello! My name is Dale. I am from Cebu City. I took up Bachelor of Elementary of Education major in General Education at Cebu Technological University-Main Campus. I experienced working in an office as an accounting staff for 8 months. However, I did not continue because teaching foreign students is my passion. I’ve been teaching for a year. I’ve handled offline and online from different countries. I enjoy and I find it very interesting to know other people’s cultures and traditions. In my free time, I like watching English movies like comedy and horror movies. I also love reading books.

Since I started to work as an ESL teacher, I feel more contented with my job. I enjoy every single day teaching with my students. I love exploring new things all over the world. As a teacher I want my students to learn how to speak English so that they can communicate well enough to other people around the world.

Allow me to help you and share my knowledge to you. See you in my class!

Cebu Technological University Main Campus
Watching movies, Reading books
子供が得意 大人が得意 初心者が得意 上級者が得意