If they can, you can. If they can't, you can.

Hello! My name is Hadassah Ciano. Here in Glats, they call me teacher Dass. I took up Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology major in Computer Technology. I was a Customer Service Representative for five months. I love to watch movies. I like cartoon or animated movies, sometimes horror movies too. During my free time, I bond with my nephews and niece. We will either watch their favorite movie or go to the mall or park. I love to bond with kids because they just laugh all the time and they're a good stress-reliever. I also love listening to music. Sometimes, I am also tutoring my nephews when they have an assignment at school. If you enroll in my class, I will make sure that you will have a good time and I will make learning English language fun and exciting. I am not just your teacher but your friend as well. Let's learn the English language together!

Cebu Technological University-Main Campus
Watching movies, listening to music.
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