"Attitude determines how well you do it."

Hi! My name is Dealyn Buenaflor, you may call me Teacher Dea. I graduated Bachelor degree in Education at University of the Visayas - Main Campus. My hobbies are watching movies and reading novels. I also love to sing and dance. English is important. I want to help and encourage my students to practice speaking English language for them to easily communicate with foreign people, learning their culture, dealing with foreign business associates and more. I enjoy teaching my students especially young kids and teenagers. However, teaching English is not that easy. It is a challenging yet enjoyable experience for me. It gives me the opportunity to impart my knowledge of the language to my students. Also, seeing their smile makes my heart melt and hearing their sincere " thank you's" after. Teaching them makes me happy and inspires me to continue this job and to become part of their success. I hope you would consider me as one of your teachers. See you.

University of the Visayas
Listening to music, reading novels and eating foods
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