"In every sacrifice, there's a price."

Hi, my name is Diane Rule and here in Glats, they call me Diane. I took up Bachelor of Secondary Education major in English. I taught high school students for one year. l had an experience dealing with teenagers and young kids as well, and I had so much fun teaching with them. Teaching is one of the best profession. I want to share my knowledge with students and I want them to learn from me. I'm fun to be with. I am friendly. I love horror, romantic and all those interesting movies. I love singing and dancing too and I've been part of my school's glee club. I visited many places alone, I like to travel alone. During weekends, I bond with my family, especially with my nephew. I started loving English when I was in high school since my aunt which happens to be my teacher was one of my inspiration to learn English more. When I took up my Degree Course in college, I chose English major even though I was forced to take up Math. English is a universal language, all of us needs to know how to speak the second language. The new generation of today, whenever you go especially in foreign countries, you need to speak English when you don’t know their native language coz some of them know how to speak the second language, in that case, we can interact with them, learn their culture and so on. English is fun to learn and it's very interactive. It will not just give you lessons but it will give you good things that you can definitely use whenever and wherever and in the future.

Come and enroll my class. I will help you to learn more.

Polytechnic University of the Philippines- Bansud Campus
Singing, dancing and cooking
子供が得意 初心者が得意