Never Give Up Because Great Things Take Time

Hi! My name is Donnalyn Caballero. Everybody calls me "Don". I graduated at University of San Jose-Recoletos taking up Bachelor of Elementary Education Major in General Education. My hobbies are reading books, drawing, and painting. I also love to do crafts for birthday parties and other occasions. I took up Education because I love to teach and it is also my parent's dream for me. When I was still in college, I learned to interact with different kinds of learners. After graduating, my first job was an ESL Teacher, I taught different kinds of nationalities around Asia. From there, I also learned a lot in the cultures and traditions of each countries. After teaching in the ESL, I decided to transfer to the BPO Industry. I worked as a customer service representative in one of the biggest companies for 8 months. And now I'm back as an ESL teacher here in GLATS which really makes me happy. Learning the English language for me is not easy but as long as you dedicate your time to it and you are at the same time enjoying, you can do better than what you think. Teaching is like learning at the same time. I always look up to my students' needs in the aspects of learning the language. I hope to see you in my class and let's learn and enjoy it at the same time. See you online!

University of San Jose- Recoletos
Painting, drawing and reading books
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