Learning knows no bounds

"Hello! My name is Dorothy T. Fuentes, you may call me Teacher Dothy. I took up Bachelor in Elementary Education major in Special Education. I really love to teach. I like to watch English movies because I believe that it enhances my skills in the English language. I love to watch horror and comedy movies all the time. I also love to draw anime characters when I have free time and have a movie marathon with my cousins. When I was in elementary, I am not fond of learning English because I am too shy to express using the English language. When I was in high school, I realized that English is fun and interesting to learn. I make it a part of my life and thus I am willing to impart and teach the English Language to every learner. Come and book in my class because I am friendly, funny and optimistic. I make sure that my class is lively, fun and help my students improve their English language skills. Every learner is a unique individual with different capabilities and skills. That's why I do believe that every one of them must be taught with different strategies and techniques. As a teacher, I should encourage each one to keep on learning the English language. I do believe that "Learning knows no bounds" especially in learning English. That's all and see you!

Cebu Normal University
Draw anime characters, listening to music and watching English and K-drama movies
子供が得意 初心者が得意