"The world is too beautiful to waste your time not to learn something."

Hi! My name is Elona Nikki Tecson, most of the time my family and friends call me Elona because they know I hate to be called by my second name. I'm a graduate of Hotel and Restaurant Management and basically, at school, we were taught how to deal with other people and being hospitable to them in meeting their needs and wants. It always excites me everytime I get to speak with other people especially kids and adults. So probably, speaking is my forte. Aside from speaking, I also love watching movies like romcom, horror, comedy and etc. I also love to cook and my favorite is pasta. I sing and dance most of the time even if I'm not good at it. I'm not good with numbers (Math) that's why I learned to love English when I'm in High School and whenever I speak English I can feel that I'm close to my American dreams. Learning English became fun when I started joining Declamation at school and every day I get to learn difficult words and find them interesting. You should book in my class because I'm very fun and friendly. I will share with you what I learned in English and hear your ideas and opinions so that I can learn something from you as well. Let's be productive and enjoy learning English. See you online!

University of San Carlos
Watching movies, play sports, surfing the internet, cooking, listening to music.
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