"Strive for progress, not perfection."

Hello! My name is Ma. Fatima Alegado. You may call me "Teacher Fatima". I took up Bachelor of Arts in English Major in Applied Linguistics. I used to teach college students in my university before I graduated college. I worked in one of the English based schools here in Cebu. I've been a volunteer English teacher in a public school for high school and senior high students. Teachers are so close to my heart since my mother was a retired public teacher. She inspires and encourages me to become a teacher. It is fulfilling for me when my student learned from me and I also learned from them. I am always inspired by the saying, " Never stop learning for life never stops teaching. A teacher teaches and at the same time learn. I switched my job to ESL because it's nice and interesting to teach non-native speakers in English and of course to learn each other's culture. I love teaching because I like to teach others for them to gain knowledge and learning from them as well. See you online!!!

Cebu Technological University Argao Campus
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