"All things work together for good"

I am Nova Faith M. Ochagabia, you can call me Faye. I finished the degree Bachelor of Science in Fisheries at Mindanao State University- Main Campus, Marawi City, Lanao del Sur. I love science. I like doing some laboratory works. I like teaching also. I love sharing the knowledge that I have to others. I am friendly and willing to listen every story of each person. I can give some advice also to those people who really needs it. I was once a Quality Assurance Analyst which the major thing I did was to assure that the products are under the set standard before exporting or transporting them. So, I need to do some analysis. I've also taught to Korean students. After working in a Korean school, the more I love teaching students. I hope to see you in my class and I can't wait to impart my knowledge with you.

Mindanao State University- Main Campus
Reading inspirational books, writing, listening to music, chatting and cooking
子供が得意 大人が得意 初心者が得意 上級者が得意