The Best revenge is massive success.

Hello! My name is Florie May Taladoc Gamel Gamale Ungab. You can call me Teacher Florie. I am a graduate of Bachelor of Elementary Education major in General Education - Content Based. I’ve experienced dealing with kids and adults, and every time I teach I enjoyed every single minute with them. I love singing and dancing. But, art is my favorite thing to do especially when I am bored. I also like going on a trip, traveling, trekking and hiking. I do really love watching a green environment especially when you're on top of the mountain. I started to love English when I was in high school. What made me love English? It's because of my English teacher. She who loves to share her own learning, information and knowledge in English to her students. From then on, I’ve realized that English is very important in our daily lives. As what my student said, "English is fun and it is very important to us, because we can interact with each other, we can communicate well through speaking English and English is a global language."

You should book in my class because I am friendly and a very entertaining teacher. I make my class active and fun. I do respect my students’ point of views and their ideas because they are unique individuals and I value each one of them. I’ve experienced dealing with kids and adults in my previous jobs and it helped me broaden my understanding for people with different culture.

University of Cebu -Banilad
Singing, dancing, making arts, trekking and hiking, and watching movies
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