Do your best and God will do the rest.

Hi! My Name is Francis Felbe Villondo, you can call me teacher Francis. I graduated at Sibonga Community College with the degree of Bachelor of Elementary Education major in General Education. My hobbies are playing games like basketball and table tennis. Also, I love singing especially love songs which helps to relieve my stresses from painful things. I had an experience in teaching during my practice teaching in public school with different level of learners. When I was in school, I was interested to learn every subject especially the English subject because I wanted to enhance my communication skills in terms of vocabulary, grammar, listening, and speaking. Since English is a universal language, it is very important to know more about it in order for us to compete globally. Teaching the English language to my students, I want them to learn how to communicate or speak and to inspire other people. See you in my class!

Sibonga Community College
Playing basketball and table tennis
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