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Hi! My name is Abegail D. Martirez. They call me teacher Gail here in GLATS. I took up Bachelor of Secondary Education major in English. I experienced teaching both public and in a private school during my practicum days. In a public school, I taught English subject to Grade 10 students in a public school and in private school, I taught English to Grades 10 and 12. I love reading books especially if it is related to my course or major which is English, like stories and poems. I started loving English when I started in college, my teacher inspired me on how wonderful English is. Also, English is a global language so, it is very important to study and know more about English. According to Albert Einstein, "It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge. So, come and enroll in my class. Let's have fun and learn English together. I am very much willing to teach you and make you a better English speaker, see you!

Talisay City College
Drawing and reading books
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