"Enjoy every moment of your life because you don’t know when your mission on earth finish will be finished."

Hello! My name is Gela Jean Deo. Here in Glats, they call me teacher Gela. I took up Bachelor of Secondary of Education major in English. I love to read books especially suspense stories. It is fun to teach young minds especially if they are starting to love you. My students during my practice teaching days still remember me. They always greet me whenever they see me around. I love spending time with my families. I like to watch inspiring, horror and action movies. Learning English is a must especially with the advancement of our world now. It is very important in communication especially in dealing with different people around the world. Imagine if all of us can write, speak, read and understand the second language. There are big opportunities the world can give us. You should book in my class because I am approachable, patient and fun. I always respect student’s point of view.

Bantayan Southern Institute
Reading books, watching movies and writing stories.