Everything happens for a reason.

Hello, my name is Maria Angellie Kaye S. Edano. You may call me Teacher Gelly. I took up Bachelor of Science major in Psychology. My previous job was an HR Generalist. I dealt with different kinds of people in the company. Being a teacher is one of my dreams. I love to teach kids and adults. I love to travel because going to different places excites me. During my free time, I love to draw and watch different kinds of dramas. I love English because it can help us communicate with different kinds of people. Learning English is fun and entertaining. I'm teaching English to ESL students because I want to help them understand. It is fun to learn English and it helps us to travel, learn about other’s culture and business associates and more.

You should book my class because I am friendly and patient. I respect my students’ opinions. As a major in Psychology, I can understand one's point of view because teaching is a two way process wherein we can learn from each other.

University of San Carlos
Surfing the internet, reading books and drawing
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