You may reach the highest star but always keep your feet on the ground.

"Hello! My name is Happy P. Batusin. Here in Glats, they call me teacher Happy. I took up Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in English. I had a work experience in a call center as a customer service adviser which we handle calls from customers in the US. During my college years, we had been trained well in handling students and in delivering the lessons in a friendly and effective manner. I had my practice teaching in both private and public high schools, which harnessed my skills and learnings in teaching students. I believe that students have multiple intelligences and each student has their own way of getting out of their shell and shine in their own lights. I would be glad to be one of the chosen candles to share the light that I have to you so that you will be able to shine and become globally competitive in writing and speaking the English language. Teaching has always been my passion and it is my dream when I was a kid. I am fond of reading English novels and sometimes I write poems and watch riddles on Youtube. During my free time, I will go to my cousin's house and I love cuddling and playing with them because I also love kids. Also, I started loving English when I was in high school when our English teacher asked me to join the Campus Journalism. I was an English feature writer back then and that experience made me master my English writing and speaking skills. I'm teaching ESL students because I want students to appreciate English and to inspire them to learn more. You should book in my class because I am friendly, jamming, and as what my name says, " I'm Happy". So, I want you to be happy, too. I also love to have a teaching-learning kind of class. While you are learning from me, I also want to learn from you. I want to know you more. I see each of the students as a unique individual and you can be who you want to be. I want to see that butterfly bloom inside of you and I'd be glad to be a part of what makes your larva. I'll be happy to watch one of my students fly high in the future!


Cebu Normal University Medellin Campus
Listening to movies, reading English novels, watching videos about Riddles on Youtube, writing poems.
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