Strive to be excellent.

Hello, my name is Aiza O. Marcojos. Here in Glats, they call me teacher Ice. I took up Bachelor of Elementary Education major in General Content. During my practice teaching, I handled different kinds of students in different levels. I am fond of watching movies like dramas, horror movies, and action movies. I also love reading books especially electronic books. During free time, I love to do some random stuff like tutoring my younger brother and sisters to read and write and play with them. I started to love English when I was in high school. My teacher was nice, and it makes me inspired and embraces the English Language. We use English to communicate around the globe-- by sharing our thoughts, ideas and understand other people with different culture, traditions, and language. You should book in my class because I make my class sessions interactive and I engage my students with fun activities. I respect everybody’s' differences and uniqueness.

Bohol Island State University- Clarin Campus
Reading and listening to music.
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