"Everything happens for a reason."

Hi! My name is Christian Jade Do Gesultura. Here in GLATS, they call me Teacher Jade. I took up Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Teaching is somehow related to my course because I was able to deal with kids, teenagers, adults and even elderlies. I loved every single day when I was with them.

I love watching movies like action and comedy. I enjoy reading fictional books, too. I usually enjoy my free times taking a rest and being with my siblings while watching our favorite movies. During my elementary years, we were asked to speak in English in the class. That is when I started to love English. Our teachers did not make it hard for us to love English because they made fun activities out of it. I am teaching English to ESL students because I want them to love English, too. I want them to experience that learning English can be fun and interesting at the same time. English is important nowadays, since it is the official language in a large number of countries. The English language helps us to communicate nearly to all people around the world, even through the internet.

You should book in my class because I am a friendly and a happy-go-lucky person. I make my class interesting and fun. I consider and respect my students' opinions and ideas and I value and treasure the time that they spend with me. I am versatile enough in handling all types of students in my class that is why I welcome them with open arms.

University of Southern Philippines Foundation
Watching movies, dancing, listening to music and reading
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