"The greatest glory is never in falling but in rising every time we fall."

" Hi. My name is Janise G. Pantinople. Here in Glats, my name is Teacher Jah. I took up Bachelor of Elementary Education Major in Content Education Specialized in Technology and Livelihood Education. Since then, teaching is my passion. In fact, during my elementary years, I like the game " Teacher-Teacher" wherein I will act as the teacher then my classmates will act as the students. With this great and overwhelming experience, I visualized myself as a teacher in the future. I was inspired by my Aunt to become a teacher since she was a teacher. I like driving the motorcycle, watching movies, planting crops in the farm and bonding with my cousins. Talking about teaching, I have tried handling different grade levels of pupils in my practice teaching. The experience was really awesome and heart-warming. You will encounter a lot of pupils with different abilities and learning styles. In my high school days, I learned to love the English language. I have been selected as a feature writer in our school paper. So as a journalist, you need to love reading. My teacher always sent me a lot of newspapers and articles to read at home. Happy to say, the medium is English. The English language is very useful to all of us since it is the means of understanding and communicating with individuals despite the various languages we have all around the globe.

You should enroll in my class because I am bubbly and interactive. I won't let you get bored in my class. I respect all your ideas. You are a unique individual, I will respect the way you learn. Let's learn the language together.


Cebu Technological University-Argao Campus
Driving motorcycle.
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