Life without purpose is dead.

Hello! My name is Jacob Reuben O. Aglipa. you may call me Teacher Jake. I took up Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Social Studies. I like watching movies. During my free time, I usually go out with some people and learn something from them. English is really an important language to learn because it is the language used globally and it connects all people around the world. I am determined to extend my passion and knowledge to teach my students in English.There's an old story about language, the story of BABEL TOWER, one day people are so united, they become one because they understand each other but one day, suddenly they spoke different language and it cause conflict, fighting broke out then eventually their civilization collapse and destroyed.

You should book in my class because I am friendly and bubbly. I make my class integrated with fun. I respect my students' point of views and ideas. I see each one of them as a unique person in their own way and I value each one of them. I am confident to handle different cultures because of my field of study, which is social study. In fact, I'm very much pleased to teach them.

Mandaue City College
Listening to music and watching movies
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