“Be there for others, but never leave yourself behind.” -Dodinsky

"Hi. My name is John Orozco but you can call me James. I took up Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Human Resources Development Management but I find teaching more interesting. I learned to love English during my elementary years when my teacher would always let me speak in front of the class for declamation. I love watching movies and series. My favorite is Game of Thrones. I also love climbing mountains because it helps me to be physically fit. During my spare time, I always teach my younger siblings and cousins with their lessons especially if they are having a hard time. Teaching them, especially English makes me happy. English is very important because it is being used internationally and helps us to be able to communicate with people in foreign countries and understand their lifestyle and culture better. You should book in my class because we will have fun learning the English language. I will respect you as a student as well as your views and opinions. I am a friendly teacher and I will make sure that you're going to love English.


University of San Jose- Recoletos
Travelling, Trekking, Watching Movies, Checking Social Media, Playing Sports
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