Whatever will be, will be.

"Hello! My name is January Digor but you may call me Teacher Jan. I graduated with a Bachelor degree of Education at Cebu Technological University - Main Campus. I am a licensed teacher. As a little girl back then, I never dreamed of becoming a teacher, all I wanted was to become a successful nurse. But here I am now, loving the new career path I chose. I am so happy to deal with people with diverse of interests and personalities. I love learning their cultures and even learning their own language.

Teaching English is a very challenging work especially teaching to those non-native speakers. Most of them don’t have self-confidence when it comes to learning the English language. You need a lot of patience and determination to teach them. You need to be flexible enough to meet and cater their needs. However, it is much fulfilling in your part when your students thank you for teaching them and for rendering your time just for them to achieve their goals. It is heart warming knowing that you have imparted your knowledge to them and were able to touch their lives. So what are you waiting for? Book in my class now!

Cebu Technological University
Watching movies, surfing the net, Taking selfies (the most)
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