Experience is the best teacher.

Hello! I am Jeraldine A. Gipatalagan .Here in Glats, they call me Jera. Teaching is my passion, I love to impart my knowledge to my future students. I love watching horror movies and action movies. During my free time, I spend it with my family. I love spending my free time with them because we enjoy talking many things and having some fun. After school when I got home, I spend my time with my siblings helping them with their homework. Most of my classmates before told me that I'm so naughty and funny they love to be with me because I'm a jolly type of person and they can lean on me whey they have problems. Come and enroll my class you will learn so much from me and you also have some fun with me.

University of the Visayas (Toledo City Campus)
Watching movies, reading story, and listening to music.
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