In learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn.

Good day! My name is Jhudiel Aclao. You can call me Teacher Jhud. I took up Bachelor of Elementary Education major in General Education at University of San Jose - Recoletos. I have been teaching and interacting with kids a lot when I was in college. I was a working student back then and I was assigned at the Grade School Department in my university. With that, I was able to interact with kids, teens, and adults who speak English very well. I believe that it is an advantage for me having these experiences because I will be able to share and impart my learnings to my students here in GLATS. During my free time, I play volleyball a lot. Playing volleyball has been a part of my life already and I feel so incomplete if I cannot play volleyball in a week. It is my stress-reliever and at the same time the love of my life. My favorite Japanese volleyball player is Saori Kimura. Since elementary, my favorite subject has always been English. I listened to my teachers very well during English time when I was still studying because I was very much attached to the subject. That's why I want to share to you all the things that I have learned in English. I want to make my students realize that learning the English language can be fun and interactive and at the same time, useful. We use the English language in order to communicate with foreign people and having the knowledge about the language can be of great advantage on our ends.

I am looking forward to having you in my class and I assure you that we will have a quality time in learning the English language. A class full of fun, energy, and excitement. You will learn and at the same time enjoy in my class! I am very much excited to interact with Japanese students because I know that Japanese people are very kind, enthusiastic and nice. See you online!

University of San - Jose Recoletos
playing volleyball
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