Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.

Hi my name is Jill Angelio, or you may call me Teacher Jill. I graduated with the degree in Nursing. My previous job experience was in sales industry. I learned a lot from previous job especially the virtue of being patient.

I am fond of watching English movies. I’m an adventure seeker and I like to travel around my country and explore different places. In my spare time, I watch English animations with my daughter, in that way, she can learn English from watching them.

You may wonder why I am a teacher and not a nurse. That’s because I love teaching. I have chosen this career path because I love teaching even when I was a child, especially teaching English. Aside from me wanting to enhance my knowledge about the language, I also want to help other people learn it. As you know, English now is a necessity not only as a subject but as means of communication as well. If you want to enter the global workforce, English is essential. English is most important especially in our career.

I believe that I am a kind teacher. I am funny and friendly. Rest assured you will learn a lot of things in my class. I hope to meet you and teach you English!

Medina College
Travelling and watching movies
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