Learning is a two way process. You can learn from your teacher and at the same time you can learn from your students.

Hello! My name is Jo-Ann Libusada. You can call me Teacher Jo-Ann. I took up Bachelor of Elementary Education Major in General Education. My experience during my practice teaching helped me a lot in dealing with students. I love teaching especially kids because they are very fun to be with and they really eager to learn. I also enjoy teaching adults. During my leisure time, I watch movies and also go to karaoke with my family or friends. I really love singing and that is one of my passion, too. I enjoy watching horror movies.

I love to teach English.I want my students to know that learning English is enjoyable and very useful.

You should book in my class because I am kind, honest, friendly and lively. I make my class enjoyable and at the same my students learn a lot. I respect my students' point of views and I keep my class in a positive atmosphere.

Cebu Eastern College
Singing, listening to music, watching volleyball games, cooking
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