"Go with the flow."

Hi, I'm Jocelyn B. Nuñez, you may call me teacher Jocel. I took up Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology major in Food Technology. I am a former pastry baker also a cook helper in one of the pastry shops here in Cebu City. Baking and cooking is my passion, it makes me happy. My design or my chocolate garnish was featured last 2016 in a Sakura Magazine in Japan. The chocolate moist cake was one of the most selling desserts, my colleagues and my supervisor were proud of my designs and style. I also love to sing, listen to music, dance, draw, braid hairs, and also painting. I am also a choir member of three groups, every Saturday and Sunday I'm always at the church and I am also a catechist. I started loving English as one of my favorite subjects when I was in grade school. If we have a project video, my classmates always wanted me to be a voice recorder because they said that I have a good pronunciation when it comes to reading. I would like to invite each one of you to enroll in my class and enjoy the fun world of English. See you!

Samar State University
Listening to music, singing, drawing, dancing, painting and I love using my phone.
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