Always believe in yourself.

Hello! My name is Jovelyn Benter. Here in Glats, they call me Teacher Jove. I took up Bachelor of Secondary Education major in English. I had an ESL experience during my internship in college. Also, I taught to grade four, grade nine, grade ten students, 2nd year and 3rd year college students. I am fond of watching movies. During my free time, I Iove to read books especially about mythology and other fictional books or spend my time with my family specifically with my little brothers and sisters. I took up BSED major in English because I wanted to learn more about the English language and at the same time share all the things that I have learned to my students. I want to show to my students that learning English is useful and fun at the same time. You should book in my class because I am friendly, bubbly and motivated in my profession. I will give my best to help you throughout your journey in learning the English language.

Bohol Island State University Main Campus
Reading books, watching discovery channels, creating poems, listening to music
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