The beautiful thing about LEARNING is that no one can’t take it AWAY from you.

"Hi, my name is Julie Fearl N. Panis, you can call me teacher Julie, I took up Bachelors of Elementary Education major in General Education. When I was young, my dream was to become a teacher because I really love to teach kids. I know that this job isn't easy, but if I can see that my students are learning something from me, it would be a great honor and privilege to be their teacher. I chose this course, because being a teacher is a very challenging job, especially when you handle kids. I love teaching kids that’s why I chose this kind of job. It's not about the salary I get but it's about the knowledge that I can share with my students. I hope you will choose me to be your teacher. See you in my class! Teacher Julie is waiting for you. Have a nice day!


Talisay City State College
Love to read books. Watch horror, love story and action movies.
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