"We must teach according to what we know."

Hello! My name is Kenya Kate Gungob. I took up Bachelor of Arts in English and I’m very much excited to impart my knowledge through online platforms. During my free time, I always listen to music, read, sing, watch movies and dance. Through songs, I learned English at a very young age. Music and reading books are my keys to broaden my vocabulary. I believe that the easiest way to remember what is discussed in the class is through fun and creativity because we always remember the good times. I've always known as kindhearted, understanding, and patient. As a teacher, I think these are the most important traits that a teacher should possess because learning is a step by step process, you cannot rush it. I am Teacher Kenya, and I hope to see you online!

University of Cebu- Main Campus
Listening to music, singing, reading, watching movies, playing online/offline games.
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