Be a flower to bloom than to be a root of doom.

Hello! My name is Brett Gregory Lopez. You can call me Teacher Kew. I took up Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology major in Electronics Technology. It's really different from my field of work, eh? But I enjoy teaching, and I really admire Japanese people. That's why I decided to take this job for me to teach you all about English as much as I can do, and for me to have fun with you, too. I started to learn English when I was a Grade 3 student, and I'm kind of used to it up until today. I am a fan of Japanese animation, I like to draw portraits, playing guitar, and to travel. And I like trekking, if you may ask. Dealing with Japanese people makes me happy and excited. I love to go to Japan someday. You can book in my class! I am friendly and patient, and I can make the class comfortable to be with. I respect my students with their own opinions and point of views. And I value my students. I know learning English is hard for most of us, but learning it with an exhilarating atmosphere is the best thing for the students.

Cebu Technological University
Playing guitar, drawing portraits, listening to music and traveling.
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