Don't try, DO it.

"Hello! My name is Khaye L. Perales but here in Glats, they call me teacher Khay. I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Technology major in Computer Technology. During my internship program, I was a call center agent for an International account. And during those months, I educated a lot of customers about what if's, how's etc. I love teaching and interacting with people. I have a relative who is a teacher and I admire her for being a role model and a very good teacher. I love visiting her classroom during my free time and I sometimes teach her students how to read, write, and even read a short story for them. It was very fulfilling to know that they enjoyed my lessons, activities, and games even for a short period of time. I’m fond of interacting with kids, teenagers, and adults using the English language and I enjoy every single day with them. I am also fond of writing some random quotes, poems, and short stories. I love watching Hollywood series and horror movies. Reading English novels is also one of my past time. I love English since I was young. For me, the English language is very interesting. It is just amazing how we can communicate using this language. English is called the " Universal Language" so we must learn how to use this language and understand it very well. If you book in my class, I am more than willing to educate, interact, play games, be friends, and many more with you. Let's learn together.


Cebu Technological University - Danao Campus
Storytelling with my nephews and niece, writing some random poems, short stories and quotes, reading books, listening to music and doing some arts and crafts.
子供が得意 大人が得意 初心者が得意