If others can, why can't I?

Hello! My name is Kirstine Kates Ocampo. You may call me teacher Kitkat (like the chocolate KitKat, I am a sweet person). I took up Bachelor of Elementary Education Major in Special Education.

I was a private elementary tutor when I was in 2nd-year college up until I graduated college. I had teaching experience for a few months. I was an ex Overseas Filipino Worker for 2 years. Though I have a stable job and a good income abroad, my passion for teaching is calling my attention to go back home and pursue what I want and what I love. If I have free time, I play with my little brother, nephew and my nieces. I also love to watch action movies.

I started loving English when I was in 3rd-year highschool. My teacher was so active and would always give us fun activities to boost our confidence. I want to teach English to my students because just like my highschool teacher I want to be an instrument for them to learn and love English. I want to tell them that learning English is fun.

You should book in my class because I am amiable, accommodating, have a good sense of humor and a very jolly person. I always make sure my class is integrated and at the same time fun and enjoyable. For we all know that each one of us are unique and has our own differences. I value my students as much as I value my job.

Cebu Eastern College
Listening to music, watching action movies and playing with kids
子供が得意 初心者が得意