Be proud of who you are and not ashamed of how others see you.

I'm Ma. Eva Kristin Maura R. Butaslac. You can just call me Teacher Kristin. I graduated with the degree of Psychology. I took up Psychology because I wanted to know different types of behavior and how I can adjust to such behavior. I was once a customer service representative in my previous job. My previous job taught me how to deal with different kinds of people and how to give the best customer service to them.

In my free time, I spend most of my time with my family. I love eating together with my family and going to places with them. I am also fond of listening to music because it helps me feel relaxed and think about myself. I like watching fashion shows and drawing, too.

I have chosen to be an ESL Teacher because I know that I have the ability to teach. Teaching also makes me more responsible. As a Psychology graduate, I can understand people and how they feel about something that’s why I want to teach and understand my students’ needs in learning the English language.

English is very important to us. It enables us to understand each other in one language. Communication is important to help us understand what each one of us need.

I would be very happy if you book my class because in that way, I can impart my knowledge to you. As a teacher, I must do everything I can to help you achieve your goal. I will do my part, that is, to teach you and help you achieve success in the English language.

I may not promise anything but as long as you are willing to take time and effort, I firmly believe that you can do it. As your teacher, I will do my very best!

Samar State University
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