Aim high and hit the mark.

Hi! My name is Laura Lopez. Here in Glats, they call me teacher Lars. I took up Bachelor of Science in Commerce Major in Banking and Finance. I've been an accounting staff for 16 years. I really love to teach and to touch others lives. I am very willing to help others especially those who are in need. During my free time, I read books and listen to some music to keep myself relaxed. I never stop myself from learning, because I believe that learning is a continuous process. And I wanted to encourage everyone to motivate themselves and to remind them that learning and studying English is very important, for it is commonly used as the medium of instruction in the modern world where we lived. Please don't hesitate to book into my class, because I am friendly, open-minded, and a vocal person.

University of San Jose-Recoletos
Listening to music and dancing.
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